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Strange Breed is an all queer alternative rock band from Vancouver, BC.

Nicolle Dupas: Vocals & Guitar

Terra Chaplin: Lead Guitar

Megan Bell: Drums

Jess Dubois: Bass

Press: Jana Benoit, jana@crankmedia.ca
Eastern Canada & USA Booking: Sarah Litt, sarah@paquinartistsagency.com
Western Canada Booking: Aaron Schubert, aaron@paquinartistsagency.com


CBC Radio 2’s Strombo Show named Strange Breed’s single, “Reputation” as one of the Top 100 songs of 2020.


Previously featured on Exclaim! Magazine’s “The Eh! List” Spotify Playlist.


Raw, feral, anthemic music for the underdogs – Strange Breed is the shift in alternative rock that you’ve been waiting for. Reminiscent of 90’s femme-rock heroines such as Veruca Salt, L7, Hole and Sleater-Kinney while channelling the modern-rock prowess of acts like The Pretty Reckless or Paramore, Nicolle Bell-Dupas (Vocals/Guitar), Terra Chaplin (Lead Guitar), Megan Bell-Dupas (Drums) and Jess Dubois (Bass) have perfected the art of serving memorable rock ‘n roll hooks with a filthy side of riot-grrrl rage. Through layers of distortion and unapologetically feminist lyrics, Strange Breed is the musical equivalent of jumping on your bed screaming at the top of your lungs at the injustices of the world with your best friends. 

Based out of Vancouver BC, Strange Breed’s polished rock releases and gritty live performances have been the catalysts to the bands quick and growing notoriety in their local scene and beyond, even catching the attention of the industry leader Alternative Press Magazine, who mentioned the band in “Top 50 Canadian Artists to Watch”. Their vocal support of traditionally marginalized groups, such as their own queer community, has helped the band connect with an audience of kind and empathetic listeners who want to listen to music with a conscience, helping others while they do so. The band and their audience have helped support multiple important organizations ranging from RAINN, Music Heals BC, Girls Rock Camp Vancouver, The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, WISH! Drop In Centre Society and more. Their single entitled “Reputation”; an ode to justice for victims of assault, found itself on Apple Music’s “New In Rock” Playlist and on popular Canadian program The Strombo Show’s Top 100 Songs of 2020 List

Claws out and arms open; this is rock music for anyone seeking a way to amplify their own voice and discover a unique, “safe space” in a scene that is not always inviting to all. Currently, you will find Strange Breed “behind the scenes” writing new songs, producing their sophomore album, planning tour dates and “queering the status quo” of the music industry.


“10 Things we Wish we Learned Before Turning 25”, with Rekt Chords Mag.


“Strange Breed is the queer feminist quartet we need now and forever.”


“Their sound is like mixing Sleater-Kinney with Garbage while injecting a hefty dose of modern alt-rock for a catchy tone that sinks itself in your head and never leaves.”


“If there’s any justice in this world, Strange Breed would be the next big thing in rock music.”


“Listening to Strange Breed is like climbing into a teleportation device and finding yourself transported back to your teenage bedroom, listening, for the first time, to a band that totally gets how you are feeling when it feels like no-one else does.”


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